social media professional

Social Media, the internet and warm relations are a powerful source to build a living

when you have products that people would like to buy! 5 to 7 wall posts of an intriguing life style product generates what the sales gurus call leads, prospects, and inbound sales. In lay man terms it means: when people buy you earn.

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The true power of making a good income is

” teach 6 to reach 6 “

When you have an organization of 6 + 36 = 42

42 people who eventually have on average 15 people as end users including themselves there’s 672 consumers. If the average consumption a month is 25€ the tuenover you have created is 16,800€ and if you get at least 7% of that you earn 1,176€ a month.

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Ps. help 4 to an income of at least 1,176.. and you earn over 5,000€ a month

Making a living

  • on social media
  • a good product
  • a solid compensation plan